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Sri Lanka expect Mendis, Mathews to fire in Bangladesh game

BRISTOL: Sri Lanka batting tutor Jon Lewis believes it is just an issue of time before Kusal Mendis and Angelo Mathews hit structure at the World Cup as the islanders intend to take on Bangladesh here on Tuesday.

Experienced all-rounder Mathews still can't open his record after ducks against both New Zealand and Afghanistan while Mendis has barely been progressively beneficial with a nothing in the demolition by the Dull Tops sought after by just two continues running in a stressed accomplishment over the Afghans, while their last match against Pakistan was given up without a ball bowled.

"We have some practiced players in the middle with Kusal Mendis and Angelo Mathews," Lewis said during an instructional course at the Locale Ground on Monday. "They unmistakably haven't actually ended yet Afghanistan given us a chance to draw off that. I'm sure players of that quality will go to the social affair soon.

"With Angelo you should believe in an individual who has done as much as he has over a critical parcel of time and he uncovers to me he is in a good spot and extraordinary headspace.

"I have no inspiration to scrutinize that the runs will start from him," included Lewis of the 32-year-old all-rounder, who has scored two One-day General hundreds and 37 fifties.

Mendis has only one ODI hundred from 65 matches, regardless of the way that it came against Bangladesh in Dambulla two years earlier.

This is in stepped contrast to the 24-year-old's Test record of six centuries in 38 matches.

Lewis, mentioned to explain the qualification, expressed: "Mendis could do with a pinch of a sureness support. I think for him it's a case of basically conquering those underlying 20 balls.

"In the advancement to the World Cup, he played well against Scotland and the two warm-up amusements he looked in extraordinary structure notwithstanding the way that he just got 30s, which was a grouch.

"Those would have been a better than average opportunity to get a noteworthy score, anyway there was nothing about his structure in both of those two amusements to propose there's anything to worry over.

"He's had two low scores and clearly he ought to had more continues running behind him, anyway I trust he's no doubt only 20 balls from being incredibly away."

Lewis confirmed Sri Lanka would be without Nuwan Pradeep, who took 4-31 against Afghanistan, after the paceman suffered finger harm during planning on Sunday. Suranga Lakmal is set to be gotten as a like-for-like substitution.

Bangladesh boss Mashrafe Mortaza, in the meantime, can live without the see of his opponents because his side is winning matches at the World Cup.

The Tigers moved their campaign with an astounding accomplishment over South Africa yet a brief span later Mashrafe was chafed by recommendations the result built up an incensed.

"Do you think this was a stun," he asked unmistakably. "In case we can pass on our best we fathomed what we could do. I'm sure a couple of individuals don't regard our cricket. We are concentrating on our game and allowing different people to talk."

Starting now and into the foreseeable future Bangladesh have persevered through an astonishing two-wicket incident to New Zealand before being on the wrong end of a 106-run whipping by rivalry has and top options England in Cardiff an end of the week prior.

Those obliterations make Bangladesh's match against a doing combating Sri Lanka much progressively huge.

"I'm not worried over who is with respect to us, I'm progressively worried over our show," Mashrafe told writers on Monday. "Winning matches is progressively noteworthy for us. I don't think respect is getting serious in the 22 yards [of a pitch]. Everything depends upon how we react on the ground.

"If we can win two points, this could without much of a stretch contrast with respect at the present time," incorporated the 35-year-old veteran paceman.

Bangladesh pounded England out of the get-together stage while in travel to accomplishing the quarter-finals of the 2015 World Cup.

In any case, the present year's setup is remarkable, with 10 gatherings sharing in a round-robin social affair organize that will see the best four fit the bill for the semi-finals.

Guess storm in Bristol, in any case, could scupper the desires for the different sides for a determination boosting win.

"I believe that we'll play a full match tomorrow [Tuesday]," said Mashrafe. "The young fellows are incredibly insatiable to win matches."


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